Kar Muqabla

Kar Muqabla is especially committed to the less privileged. Despite an overwhelming numerical majority, they remain at a perpetual disadvantage. Mostly, the reason is lack of access or affordability. That is why thier state of the art education-focused technology applications are custom built for the bottom of the pyramid. Karmuqabla caters to their exact educational needs with completely free to use practice modules to amazingly affordable content that is tailored to their needs.


Kar Muqabla


Karachi, PK


June 2018


Kar Muqabla had a concept of providing education in an entertaining manner to the less privileged in Pakistan. The concept was to take the entire metriculation syllabus and convert it into a digital medium that is easy to use and fun to learn.


The challenge that occured was that the less privileged had a lack of internet connections and smart devices. The second challenge was that they were not well versed with digital medums, the third challenge was the finances werent available at the customer level to cater to subscriptions.


We created a web application in a portal catering to MCQ's and a leader board catering to a fun learning enviroment. The application was introduced to multiple different schools and promotional channels such as radio, tv and interviews to promote the platform which resulted in great success for the platform.

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