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OjO is a licensing company for brands that are looking to inspire the next generation of kids. They are a team of designers, educators and thinkers that are helping brands to create smarter toys and help them to use their characters that kids love to inspire them and be bigger thinkers.




London, UK


June 2020


OjO being a known brand dealing in STREAM based games was creating board games for this category, the problem arose in distributions and accessing a global scale in order to reach out to a more modern and digital audience.


Due to the lack of any digital integration and understanding the mechanics of STREAM, a scientific approach had to be taken in to concideration in order to fullfill the objective of each game. Due to the multitude of different games multiple app creations would be a cumbersome approach, a solution was required.


A hub application was set in to motion, the android and ios app was to serve as stand alone applications as well as supporting apps for each board game to give it a digital and modern audience share. The app also got featured on BBC as a front runner of STREAM based games.

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